worry of hearth

blushing out a narrow hole yellow, red and black a whole,
burning twigs and leaves when dry giving out a complete meal with a fry
smokes, ashes and a burning smell sweats, cries of the smoking gale
cooking pan of thousands and more beating hunger with taste and cure
looking smiles of near and dear with a country of joy and cheers
heaps may count as two three and four but the holes never exceed two or more
experts now decide a ban on it as air gets polluted due to smoke of it
vehicles, factories may top the list but the little pan is on the twist

a special thanks to my dear friend asutosh moharana.

when i slipped off mud everyone laughed,but......

Rains ...rains brings happiness for some while it may a matter of concern . It gives farmers a glimpse hope for a brighter season while for flooding areas it brings chaos. But in case of children , they don't seem to have any concerns. They love to play in water filled pods...get dirty in mud.

this morning while i was literally running to catch the bus to my college trying to catch my breath, i noticed a bunch of boys in their school uniform playing in mud pod . I stopped there for a moment , don't know why but i just stopped . they were seemed very very happy. all of sudden a boy slipped and drenched all over with mud. his friends all started laughing..
Soon everybody jumped into the pod and got messy , I was shocked seeing that scenario..A flash back of my my childhood hitted my mind.
I was in class 3 or 4 at that time , I used to read in a small school located in a middle of rice fields. In rainy season it was very difficult to reach there as the road was a kacha one.  Me a…

Babaji left us all in teary eyes....

This afternoon while i was sitting on the couch , listening to a jazzy music , enjoying the monsoon rains, a cool soothing breeze blew across the window . i could smell a very pleasant & familiar scent. i found a hard time remembering that particular scent.
I looked everywhere if there was any kind of perfume but couldn't find it. I looked out the window and  found the scent was coming from the kadamba tree . The sweet fragrance and the eye catching beauty of its flower  brought some good old childhood memories back. 
At that time i was living in a small block of Odisha, where my father was posted as a paediatrician. We were living in quarter allotted to my father in medical colony. There was a not so big kadamba tree in front of our house. As I can remember I was perhaps in class 1 that time. 
One day a villager from the neighbouring village brought a billy goat as to offer to god residing in temple . After rituals he tied the goat at the kadamba tree. 
From that day that goa…

All his desires were fulfilled or He couldn't understand that....

Original Hindi: Jagdish pant A small skinny boy of age around ten or twelve. Every botton of the shirt that he had worn were all broken. One could easily count his ribs wrapped under his skin. With a innocent look in his eyes and a sweetness within his voice he requested every devotees going to the temple , "please take flowers for God ! God will fulfill your desire." After buying flowers of five rupees, I asked him, "Do  you ever offer flowers to God  to fulfill your own desire? Do you ever pray ?" With a smile he answered,"what more can I ask ! The Almighty already fulfilled my desires. He is the reason all the devotees like you come to this temple everyday. I am able to sell all the flowers of my basket each day. What I need more ?" "Where is your home ? What do your father do ?" I asked him curiously. "The hill down the road, we live there. My father runs a small shop around the corner. Due to Almighty's grace we have qui…

Modern Arjuna

Original Hindi :Suraj TiwariTeachers are the driving force who directs the ignorant mind towards the infinite possibility of knowledge.Teachers tries many ways to test their students capabilities to rectify their mistakes.One day a teacher , inspired from the incident
Of Dronacharya and Arjuna bird eye test , he arranged a similar kind of props in his yard to test the concentration of his students.When asked students gave similar kind of answers when asked what they saw , like tree , branches , leaves, bird. Irritated by the answers he asked those who gave such answers .But one guy among all when asked said that he could see  the eye only. Amused by the answer , teacher asked him to fire the arrow. Everyone shocked when arrow hit in the eye of the teacher. Teacher fall on the ground with blood all over him.When the boy lifted the bow and arrow an old bitter incident came across him. How the teacher once humiliated him in front of the class. His ego got the better of him. If…

he ran away to his room and .....

wishes were being flooded from all the directions. everyone​ was busy congratulating him. the room was fully occupied by flower bouquet and wishing cards. but there was something missing in his eyes. He seemed like giving some fake smiles to the people around him. it was  like he was just standing right there and his  soul was flying in other dimensions. The annual UPSC examination result was just published the day before , C. Arryansh got all India 115th rank . Every one in his family were very happy and proud . His  house became the center of attraction in his neighborhood​ . He must be happiest the  person among all . But Something was off with him that day. As if he is not enjoying that moment at all. Something really bothering him . Soon enough he ran away to his room and locked himself. Everyone shocked at his behavior. His mother checked whether he was ok or not. But he didn't answer. He drew out the phone from the corner table and opened a photo . He couldn't​ help b…